Sip Your Beer, Find Your Food!

Salem Ale Works is the place for you to create your sun with your friends as you enjoy your golden moments sipping on this beer made of greatness. Those are just but a few of the beers Salem Ale Works brews and sells which makes it the most visited bars in Oregon. The Hootenanny Honey Basil beer will make you wonder if it’s a mixture of sweet and herbal notes but you may now stand poised on the brink of the answer to that question, as this beer is an elegant light-sipper that will leave your pallet craving for more and sending you back to Ale. If you have been intermittently searching for a spot that offers homebrew classes to brew and quench your beer tasting experience, you might want to bring your mojo with you ready to deepen your science and art of beer. Salem Ale Works brews and sells a wide variety of beers to its customers. The indications are strong that customers keep coming back and bringing their friends and families to experience the wonders of Salem beers. It turns out that the number of customers has been increasing dramatically since Ale Works won a gold medal at the Oregon Beer Awards.

As usual, in a beer joint, you will expect to find food. It is safer to quench your beer thirst with a full stomach. Due to this, Salem Ale Works offers a selection of mouth-watering snacks and meals as well. Let’s dive into the menu options that Salem has to offer. First, Ale Works has a Saturday and Sunday prologue sandwich and pastries truck just outside which sells sweet designed sandwiches that resemble the European brewpubs with cured meat and bread. The ham, mozzarella, mortadella, provolone, and smoky salami sandwiches are flavored by a briny swipe of tapenade begging to be savored with your teeth.

If you are in a sloppy mood, the hum meatball sandwich on bread with tomato sauce dripping from your palms will inescapably dirty your favorite shirt. As you play the Oregon trail tabletop game, checkers, or chess while enjoying The rolling Stones or even charting with tipsy strangers over a pint, your favorite snack or food will be prepared. The food menu consists of Starters such as Hand-cut fresh potato fries, lightly salted just enough to arouse your taste buds. Another starter on the menu is the Sweet potato fries. Seasoned and crispy outside, these fries will leave you wanting more. Other starters include onion rings, fried pickles, fried jalapeno rounds, crispy cauliflower, soft beer pretzel sticks, chicharrones, and cheese plate. If you are a burger enthusiast, order the Brewer’s Burger. This burger comes with ⅓ lb bacon, beef patty, onion straws, topped with bbq sauce, and a brioche bun.

The Brewer’s Burger is pocket-friendly going for $11. Let’s not forget the vegans. You will not miss the Pretender. Also known as the (Vegetarian Patty), with roasted Mushroom, salted tomatoes, lettuce, saw sauce, and brioche bun, this burger appears to have won the hearts of many vegans. Other sandwiches and burgers include grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches, a big bleu sandwich, a pasture beef burger, and a steak sandwich. The additional foods on the menu are, chicken breast, sliced steak, beyond patty, charcuterie plate, beer cheese soup, and cheese plate. Ale Works got your hunger sorted and your thirst quenched.