Beer and Finger-Licking Food

Since Salem Ale Works opened, it has exceedingly set a high standard of brewing in the industry. Ego and Boham strongly advocated for Salem’s Brewing community where they encouraged the rise of the Salem Brewery Association working as a team with other local breweries. They often hosted annual beer tasting and classes on homebrewing, creating an environment for locals to learn and expand their knowledge of the art and science of Ale. Like other breweries and businesses (like the Nemos next door), Salem Ale Works was hit by the COVID 19 Pandemic. Following the government directive, it could only operate online and this saw the brewery canning their beers. Their food contractor closed permanently in March and they could not find another. This situation brought a lot of uncertainty. In July, the sales numbers had dropped and there was no way forward.

After 7 years of top ratings and gold medals, Justin Ego and Jake Bonham planned on shutting down the famous brewery Salem Ale Works. They came to this decision on August 15, which was the brewer’s anniversary, in the company’s social pages. They said in the posts that they set out to make quality beer for its residents and visitors while striving to have a good time writing the last chapter in their excellent brewing legacy. “Although this is not the way we hoped things to end, we can’t help but be proud of the last seven years and reminisce about the great memories made and the unending support from our fans,” Bonham said. They also mentioned that the brewery would remain open through Saturday till its closure on August 29. It’s evident that Salem Ale Works put the ale In Salem based on the many reviews given by locals that enjoyed the different varieties of beers and the finger-licking food served. There is nothing as good as customers who want to keep visiting the same place for quality services, good music, beer, and food. Patrons of Salem Ale Works will forever be happy to have sampled the establishments fantastic delights. Other beer joints and eateries should try to emulate the record Salem Ale Works set.